Sultan Taher outlined the remit of the food control department. Sultan Taher outlined the remit of the food control department.

Dubai Municipality has created a dedicated food control department team working around the clock at the city's tourist and leisure destination, Global Village.

The municipality has two dedicated teams at Global Village throughout its operations. One team applies audit procedures on all approved cars by the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and transports raw food to Global Village. The second team in operation conducts inspections through surprise visits across kiosks and restaurants that serve food and beverages.

In addition, readymade food from anonymous sources are not allowed to enter Global Village. Entry is only allowed from authorised sources, where the Dubai Municipality team is in charge of food inspection and for checking incoming material, the company’s authorisation, and expiry dates on food.

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Sultan Taher, head of the Food Inspection Section, said: "We have a permanent team working in Global Village, around the clock to monitor all food that enters the site, and before it is offered to the public.

"There is also a team to receive complaints and reports on a specially set up hotline which is 800900. This team prepares immediate reports if they receive complaints from Global Village visitors.

"Besides the daily audits conducted by the team, we have another inspection team that frequently supervises all restaurants and kiosks located in Global Village and takes necessary measures, along with immediate action, according to National Law No. 11 2003. We aim, every season, to raise the standards of control and auditing, in order to enhance the importance of providing safety and security for visitors to Global Village."

According to the rules and regulations of Dubai Municipality, Global Village does not receive any pre-prepared food made outside, as the restaurants have been facilitated with the highest standard to be able to prepare food within the premises of Global Village.

Consequently, Dubai Municipality confirms that all restaurants and kiosk offering food and beverages at Global Village complies with health terms and conditions accredited by the Food Control Department

Global Village director of governmental relations Fahad Al Khaja said: "We work closely with the concerned departments to ensure that all terms, conditions and laws are followed strictly. Global Village seeks to facilitate and provide the necessary cooperation to all government representatives to do their supervisory role so as to ensure the best experience to our visitors.”