An American pilot has been sentenced to a month in jail and is to be deported after he exposed himself and committed a lewd act in public on a hotel balcony in Dubai.

The incident occurred at the five-star hotel in Dubai Downtown, according to Gulf News, and hotel security are reported to have taken images.

A Nepalese security guard had spotted the incident and reported it to his security supervisor. Furthermore, a number of other hotel guests and occupants of residential units around the property saw the man and started shouting.

The pilot had entered a not guilty plea at the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, which rejected the defence argument that the hotel balcony was not considered a public place.

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According to the hotel’s head of security, the pilot had previously been warned of similar behaviour. He told police interrogators: “We received a number of complaints from guests and tourists, who stayed at the hotel, that the defendant had committed the same lewd act on the balcony a number of times.

“When summoned by the hotel management, the American admitted to the lewd act and promised not to repeat it. He was made to sign an undertaking in which he promised [in writing] not to repeat the lewd behaviour otherwise the required legal action would be taken against him.”

The pilot will be deported once he completed his jail term, although the ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.