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A 28-year-old British man who was in Dubai on his honeymoon has drowned in the swimming pool at Jebal Ali Beach Hotel, in the third pool drowning in the UAE this year.

Mohammad Majid Malik, from Luton, England was on the last day of his trip to the emirate with his new wife Maira Shahid when he got into difficulty and drowned, according to Gulf News.

In a statement to the newspaper, a spokesperson for Jebel Ali Beach Hotel said: “The unfortunate incident occurred when the guest and his wife entered a swimming pool at approximately 1.15am.

“The guest quickly got into difficulties having ventured into the deep end of the pool while his wife remained in the shallow end.

“We were alerted to the situation by his wife calling for help and two members of the resort team rushed to the guest’s aid removing him from the pool and immediately commencing CPR activities. This was then continued by the nurse who arrived on the scene minutes later.

“Upon arrival, the ambulance crew then took over CPR but sadly it was announced that the guest had died on his arrival at the hospital,” the statement said.

“We have extended our full support and co-operation to all the authorities involved and the case has been closed. We will also remain at the bereaved family’s disposal.”

Shahid stated at the inquest in Luton that it was the first time the couple had gone to the pool during their stay at the hotel. They were paddling in the pool when Malik decided to go for a swim, which was when he got into difficulties.

The inquest heardthat Malik was pronounced dead at hospital around 35 minutes later.

Hotelier has already written about the importance of ensuring that security patrols leisure areas frequently, to avoid drowning deaths and harm to guests. This is third pool drowning in the UAE this year.

Many hotels don’t allow guests to swim after dark or employee similar rules to keep guests from pool-related harm.

Often, the only ‘safety’ measure that hotels employ is to put a sign up saying that no life guard is in attendance and that swimming is at the user’s own risk.

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