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Ex-Media One bar manager heads to Per Aquum

Nikhil Pereira, September 7th, 2015

Budai Norbert-Erik joined Per Aquum Desert Palm’s as bar manager and mixologist.

Before graduating from the University of Oradea Romania, Budai had already started his career as lead bartender at The Lounge Champagne Bar Boutique in the same city. He took over as principal bartender in less than a year at Columbus Café, before settling at Fashion Lounge as head bartender.

Norbert-Erik turned entrepreneur in 2012, when he opened The Green Pub, Oradea where he honed his style developing the bar, team and drinks menu as he introduced innovative new cocktails.

Norbert-Erik brings his award winning touch to the resort’s crafted cocktails. In addition to his extensive experience and passion. Prior to taking up his role at Per Aquum, he worked with at the Media One Hotel for over two years as head mixologist.

The expert barman loves mixology and is known to innovate and infuse on his drinks from time to time. One of his notable mixes is the “Heaven in a glass” cocktail, which is developed from a negroni.