The Horeca Trade employees with the Atlantis chefs The Horeca Trade employees with the Atlantis chefs

UAE-based supplier Horeca Trade conducted its sixth cooking competition, which was held at ICCA Dubai, with chefs from Atlantis, The Palm judging the teams.

The Atlantis chefs included John Buenaventura and his team from Seafire Steakhouse, including Allan Magpantay and Julius Idian.

Buenaventura initially taught an in-depth master class on creating a three -course meal, after which the contestants were challenged to create dishes in a specific time, following the recipes learned.

The competition was judged based on three menu categories that included Caesar salad, a steak as the main course, and chocolate fondant for dessert.

A spokesperson from Horeca Trade said the main objective was "to create and raise the standards of Horeca Trade excellence in professionalism and creativity, and knowledge in food to bring new and innovative styles of service and presentation, to develop individual skills, techniques and styles and also to create an opportunity to experiment with products".

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