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Dubai Global Village receives 2.2 million visitors

David Thompson, January 13th, 2016

A record 2.2 million people have visited Dubai’s Global Village fair in the first two months of this season.

Dubai’s Global Village has recorded 2.2 million visitors to the fairground attraction in the first two months of this season.

The figures were recorded between 3 November and 31 December 2015, suggesting Global Village on course to experience its busiest season to date.

During the same period last season, Global Village recorded a total of 1.8 million visitors to the attraction.

Global Village CEO Ahmad Hussain Bin Eisa said guest satisfaction was more important than visitor count, pointing out that Global Village has scored 9 on a 10-point guest happiness index this season.

“We ranked 9 out of 10 not only because of facilities’ enhancements but also because a lot of attention has gone into service and care for guests,” Bin Eisa said.

The record figures are partly due to new options for entertainment, shopping and dining, as well as improved infrastructure and facilities, officials said.

South Asians are largest visitor group, representing 31% of all guests, while last season Emiratis comprised 17% of total visitors, while other Arab and GCC citizens represented 23%.

Last season, the value of transactions at Global Village reached US$544 million (Dh2 billion), Bin Eisa said, noting that there is a 20% increase in sales compared to the same period last season.