Duni manufactures premium tabletop and single-use items. Duni manufactures premium tabletop and single-use items.

When was your company established?

In 1949 in Sweden, and it employs 2100 people (approximately), with an annual turnover of around US $570 million.

What’s your company vision?

Duni aims to be the leading supplier of premium table top concepts and packaging solutions. Duni also aims to provide inspiring and innovative products and concepts.

What are your core products/services for the hospitality industry?

Duni manufactures premium quality, single use linen-like napkins, table covers, table runners and also offers innovative food and beverage containers for take away and catering businesses.

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What new products have you launched recently?

Duni successfully introduced Sacchetto to the Middle Eastern markets. Sacchetto is a cutlery pouch integrated with a high quality Duni napkin.

What other news is there from your company?

Duni launched a range of exciting and modern design napkins for almost every type and style of business matching every occasion and mood. Duni manufactures high quality plastic glasses and mugs for pool and spa areas where glass products are vulnerable.

What is your best seller?

Dunilin is our signature product — it is a hygienic, easy to use and flexible linen-like single use napkin.

How can hotels contact you?

Email us at info@duni.com and visit www.duni.com for more details.