How long have you been in hotel purchasing?

For almost five years.

What products are you on the lookout for?

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Damac is interested in procuring various high-quality products for luxury hotel operations such as guest room equipment and supplies, bedding and linen, front office items, housekeeping supplies and equipment, chinaware, flatware, glassware, hollowware, buffet ware, F&B linen, stewarding and receiving, kitchen utensils, uniforms, engineering supplies, staff canteen supplies, pool supplies, security supplies, BOH office furniture, case goods and seating for rooms, art works, accessories, loose rugs, carpets, etc.

What area of your hotels are you most proud of?

We are one of the renowned property developers in the region and pay high attention to quality because we provide luxury products. Therefore, we ensure that each and every facility of the hotel is designed and constructed to satisfy all the requirements of our customers, which is our priority. Based on that, we are proud of all areas of our hotels.

What does a supplier have to do to impress you?

Supplier should meet the six ‘R’s of the supply chain management: right price — provide goods and services at correct and reasonable cost; right quality — provide high-quality goods and services; right time — deliver requirements within agreed time period, without causing delays; they need to be reliable; responsiveness — should respond in a timely manner; and should be willing to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships.