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"Serious education needed" on supplier insurance

Penelope Walsh, May 17th, 2016

According to Hotelier Middle East's first annual Hospitality Procurement Report, the majority of hoteliers are not insisting on suppliers having liability indemnity insurance before buying. 

It’s one of many concerns raised by the procurement professionals surveyed for the report, available to download here.

Best practice for procurement, argue some of the experts interviewed in the report, would be ensuring all suppliers that a hotel deals with are adequately covered by liability indemnity insurance.

This would protect both supplier and hotel in the event of a problem with the product sold.

Inside the report, however, procurement professionals operating in the Middle East suggest that this best practice is rarely followed by hotels in the region.

"I don't think it was ever requested by any other hotel company," argues Liviu Raulea, Marriott International director of international procurement Middle East and Africa. 

To learn more about insurance requirements for hotels and suppliers in the region, read Hotelier Middle East’s Hospitality Procurement Report 2016. Click here to access the report in full.