John Cameron is the CEO of the associations. John Cameron is the CEO of the associations.

The International Association of Hotel Executives (IAHE) launched today (August 1), which is an affinity-based organisation of key hotel executives in the hospitality industry, and will provide support and assistance to members throughout their careers and beyond.

Membership is open to all those who have served as head of function in roles across 13 categories: manager/resident manager/EAM; director of finance; director of sales & marketing; director of human resources; director of rooms; director of food & beverage; director of revenue management; director of IT; director of PR; executive chef; executive housekeeper; chief engineer; head of security.

The new association is a subsidiary of the International Association of Hotel General Managers (IAHGM) and the two will be run as separate entities, sharing links in relevant areas.

Speaking exclusively to Hotelier Middle East, IAHE and IAHGM CEO John Cameron said: “When we launched the IAHGM, in the couple of months following that, we ended up with a lot of interest from key executive positions in hotels, all wanting to join.

“When you really think about it, about 80% of the future GM talent pool comes out of these executives. And so it made sense for us to develop a subsidiary organisation for these key hotel executives.”

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He revealed that IAHE will have its own website and will run independently of the IAHGM. What the two will have in common is a benefit platform that applies to internationally mobile hoteliers, medical plans, access to life insurance and disability insurance programmes, retirement and savings plan options which they can use to supplement their own home country retirement plans.

The association will also benefit from a community forum, networking opportunities and congresses, Cameron said.

Those looking for career assistance and support will be able to take advantage of the Career Management Centre (CMC), which will provide independent evaluation and assessment, career development plans and the formulation of an extensive and professional candidate package.

See the August issue of Hotelier Middle East for more.