Brinkhaus. Brinkhaus.

Brinkhaus, producer of premium bedding since 1847, has reignited its interest in the Middle East market, and anticipates strong future growth from the mid-market hospitality sector.

Brinkhaus is exploring hotel activities in the region, as the company seeks to take greater share in the mid-market and luxury hospitality sectors.

“Our Middle East targets are firstly to capture the high-end, five-star hospitality sector. However, we now see new projects in the mid-market gaining popularity, so this is also reflected in our collection,” said Brinkhaus export director Rafael Torres.

“On the mid-market side of our offerings you see we have economy products – resistant to wear and tear and providing the same quality and comfort as our luxury items, and they’re washable too,” he added.

Brinkhaus provides a selection of down, using the finest natural hair or allergen-free textile fibres, it has more than 4,500 employees and operates nine factories worldwide.

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