Golden Sands Hotel Apartments general manager Mohammed Khoori. Golden Sands Hotel Apartments general manager Mohammed Khoori.

Safety and security are key factors in the hospitality industry because guests consider the hotels as extension of their homes, whether one is travelling on a business trip, a family going on a holiday or couples spending their honeymoon elsewhere.

Everyone is concerned about their safety and security because it plays a major factor and is part of their whole experience. Safety and security issues also pertain to hotel employees, so we make sure that we practice and maintain the concept of a “home from home” and provide comfort, convenience and privacy to our guests.

Here at Golden Sands Hotel Apartments the management ensures that the workplace is safely built for employees to work in and they are protected from any injury while in the hotel premises.

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An effective risk control programme plays an important role in helping hoteliers provide a safe and secure environment for their guests and employees.

An effective risk control programme should include not only measures and programmes to address the safety and security of guests and employees, but also risk management measures for property and daily operations.

Considering the need for hotels to regularly upgrade or replace their safety and security equipment, hoteliers should ensure that safety equipment is working properly, so it should be regularly maintained. We inspect, clean, test and maintain equipment and components in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Regularly planned inspections can help identify potential causes of failure. For example, the fire extinguishing system must be inspected and serviced every six months by a trained person.

Hoteliers constantly search for the right balance between guest satisfaction and profitability. The lifeblood and profitability of the industry depends on its ability to cost-effectively provide quality services to guests, whilst keeping rooms and facilities full and reservations flowing.

Demand and consumer expectations have continued to expand with the evolution of global marketplace and the increased development of population desiring additional conveniences. Hospitality companies can meet the challenges and risks of the market by having strategies in place to address consumer trends, technology and concerns for public safety. We can turn these challenges into profits and opportunities by making safety a priority and implementing an effective loss control/risk management programme.