Chef Guillaume Roesz. Chef Guillaume Roesz.

Valrhona has created its first range of fruit couvertures called Valrhona Inspiration, and launched it in the Middle East at Gulfood 2017.

Speaking to Caterer Middle East at Gulfood 2017, chef Guillaume Roesz said: "Inspiration Amande is Valrhona's first range created with 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives where it combines cocoa butter with the flavour of fruit."

The first product of the range Inspiration: Inspiration Almond which was created to enrich the use of dried fruits in chocolate, pastry and ice cream. 

"We've created four unique blends called Inpiration Amande, Oreilys Bland Chocolate 35%, Kidavoa Milk Chocolate 50% and Itakuja Dark Chocolate 55% cold drink which is infused with Timut pepper," he added.


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