Sanit by Aliaxis

Sanit is a German manufacturer and part of the Aliaxis Group. It specialises in producing concealed cisterns, operating plates, and shower channels with a focus on water saving technology and distinctive design. The LIS flush plate epitomises Sanit’s sophisticated functionality and unique design. The model is offered with a built-in proximity sensor and LED light, which emits enough illumination for a person to easily find his/her way around the bathroom without the need to switch on the main light. The proximity sensor activates and deactivates the LED light of the flush plate with timing settings ranging from two-eight minutes. The base plate of the LIS is made of toughened glass which is available in alpine white, black and red. Customer can also opt for LIS flush plate without a colour base plate and use their own natural stone or tile insert up to 6mm thickness. LIS is compatible with a majority of Sanit’s concealed cisterns, which match current environmental standards and exceed water saving regulations supported by ISO certifications, water efficiency label, and matching LEED matching standards.

Tel: +971 43629423

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