Flippy. Flippy.

CaliBurger has hired a robot called Flippy as a replacement short-order cook at the chain's Pasadena location.

Though Miso Robotics has not revealed Flippy’s price, if testing in Pasadena goes well, CaliBurger says it will put Flippy in 50 locations by the end of 2019.

Flippy’s creators, Miso Robotics, said that its intended use is as an assistant that does all of the repetitive and monotonous tasks, when a human has more important things to do. The aim is for chefs and cooks to collaborate with the robot.


The robotic kitchen assistant uses artificial intelligence to see and monitor what it's cooking. Once a burger is cooked, Flippy picks it up and puts it on the bun.

Flippy is designed to learn new menu recipes, and is equipped with thermal sensors, 3D sensors, cameras, and a burger-shaped claw.

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