The 21st season of Global Village Dubai witnessed its highest footfall in all its history. The 21st season of Global Village Dubai witnessed its highest footfall in all its history.

Dubai's Global Village closed the gates on its 21st season on April 8th culminating with a record breaking attendance of 5.6 million guests over its 159 days of operation.

The park also managed to maintain a score of 9 over 10 in its Guests Happiness Index.

On its last weekend, Global Village hosted two back-to-back concerts on Friday and Saturday, which included the performance of Bollywood actor-director-singer, Farhan Akhtar on Friday and Emirati singed Mohammed AlShehhi.

The last two concerts of the season were part of a total number of 27 concerts that took place at Global Village in its 21st season.

This season also saw the inclusion of new pavilions which included the Far East pavilion that represented cultures of Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Also being represented for the first time was the Algeria pavilion, and the Eastern Europe pavilion representing Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine. The Jordan pavilion was seen making a comeback from the 19th season to the 21st season for a total of 30 pavilions.

One of the newer additions this season was the inclusion of the ‘heritage corner’ in every pavilion. These sections were created to highlight the history and heritage of the cultures they represented.

Global Village CEO Ahmad Hussain Bin Essa said: “All our initiatives and endeavours across each and every single touch point have been made with the singular vision of enhancing the guest experience irrespective of their nationality, age or profile. Global Village, especially in its 21st season, has strived to create a new experience every day for each and every one to benefit from – residents and tourists alike.

“The shopping, dining, funfair and entertainment experiences are authentic and of a world class level, which I believe is one of the reasons why Global Village has become a strong driver for tourism in Dubai.”

Hussain also informed that for the 21st season the theme park tied up with 52 tour operators and, “increased our presence in opportunistic markets through exhibitions and road shows to showcase our destination and drive more international visitorship to Global Village in the 21st season”.

Global Village closed its season completing US$ .63 billion (AED2.3 billion) of business transactions while hosting over 95 nationalities of more than 10,000 exhibitors.

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