Planning a trip this long weekend? Here are some tips.

Filtering results as per your selection offers a convenient way to book flight deals and hotel stays that match your budget, date and time requests, as well as your personal preference when it comes to business of leisure trips.

Muhammad Chbib, CEO of tajawal offers some insider tips on how to make your online flight or hotel booking even more successful, how to ease up the process, or even save some money along the way. These online travel booking tips will make you an expert for your next venture into the online holiday world.

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Keep your searches top secret!

Set your browser to incognito or private browsing mode before searching for flights online, as airline websites and some online travel agencies manipulate prices depending on the frequency of you viewing a particular trip. Tajawal for example does not manipulate pricing, presenting you with the lowest rates available at your time of search.

Online travel agencies vs. airline websites

Use online travel agencies and not airline websites for flight bookings, as the former compare the best rates from multiple airlines. This way, you can snag a deal and make use of travel offers and discounts.

Weekdays vs. weekends

Book your flights on weekdays rather than weekends, as airlines know you’re trying to get away when everyone is off work and price their flights higher accordingly. Departing during the week can save you some serious money.

Try low cost carriers for a change

In recent years, low cost carriers like flydubai and Air Arabia have upped the ante on their service offering to compete with the likes of Emirates and Etihad Airways and they now fly to plenty of the most popular destinations from the Middle East and beyond. With some flight options, you can even get free baggage allowance and meals while you are saving on your journey.

Last minute hotel bookings

No news to the fluent traveller, but especially in locations where no holiday is on the horizon or any major event is taking place can, you can save you up to 70% off the regular room rates if you book last minute.

Have a look at the map

Instead of booking directly through the hotel, book your hotel on a travel booking site such as tajawal to benefit from a location map that helps you choose hotels, located next to landmarks or near popular attractions. This way, you can save money on commuting around within the destination.

Read the Fine Print

Online travel agencies sometimes show bare prices without applicable taxes and fees that can sometimes amount to 20-30% of the overall booking rate. Don’t get unpleasantly surprised at check in and book a hotel with a website like tajawal, where total prices are always include all taxes and fees, to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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