Al Bustan Centre & Residences partners with NMC Hospital. Al Bustan Centre & Residences partners with NMC Hospital.

Al Bustan Centre & Residence has partnered with Dubai's NMC Hospital in implementing a‘Responsible Awareness Programme’ to highlight health and safety concerns among its employees and management.

The hotel apartment recently invited Dr. Ala Isam, a general practitioner at NMC Hospital, who shared essential information about allergies in the UAE, its symptoms and varied effects, preventive methods and treatments.The audience, comprised of employees from each department including the management, also raised a variety of questions concerning food and heat allergies. 

Al Bustan Centre & Residence COO Moussa El Hayek expressed his appreciation to the NMC Hospital doctors and team in educating his staff about health awareness issues. He said:“We are excited to join hands with NMC Hospital for this project to implement the property’s 'Responsible Awareness Programme' across all our departments. NMC Healthcare has been the pioneer in providing latest breakthrough technology in the health industry and we believe the results of this initiative shall improve our personnel’s well being.”

According to a statement from the hotel apartment, up to one fifth of the UAE's population may have allergies; a study found that a 10th of the world's 400 million nasal allergy sufferers live in the Middle East. Dust mite and cockroach allergies are the most prevalent forms in the UAE. Pollution, construction and climate are contributing factors, while sandstorms can aggravate nasal allergies and asthma.

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