Sultan Al Taher, head of food inspection section addresses the workshop. Sultan Al Taher, head of food inspection section addresses the workshop.

The food inspection section of Dubai Municipality's Food Safety Department, in cooperation with Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development (Dubai SME), held a workshop for UAE nationals, who wish to undertake business in hospitality and food as a new project through Dubai SME.

The workshop, attended by 120 Emirati traders, discussed the role of food inspection section in the food licensing and inspection mechanism, and the best practices that the food establishments should apply in their the permanent or temporary activities until they come up in a way that reflects the vision of the Government of Dubai to ensure the health and safety of food among all individuals of the society.

The Food Safety Department expressed its readiness to cooperate with Dubai SME as a strategic partner with all citizens, who will be selected to establish new projects at the beginning of their professional lives, through training courses and workshops in the field of food safety until the food establishments in Dubai comply with the best applied standards.
Sultan Al Taher, head of food inspection section, who welcomed the participants, explained the importance of food safety in any society in the world to avoid food poisoning, which may have economic and social impacts.

He urged everyone to cooperate with the Food Safety Department when starting their commercial projects in the field of food and to participate in the activities in Dubai.

Ayesha Al Mukhayat, head of hotels and catering establishments control unit in the food inspection section explained the hygiene requirements that must be complied by the food establishments on a permanent or temporary basis.  

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