Nest at Tryp by Wyndham Dubai. Nest at Tryp by Wyndham Dubai.

Nest Co-working Space, a shared workspace concept at Tryp by Wyndham, Dubai, is set to open its doors this autumn.

According to a statement released by the newly opened hotel, Nest represents one of the world’s first full-service co-working spaces integrated with a major internationally branded hotel.

The statement said that the vision for Nest is to become "Dubai’s most innovative, creative and entrepreneurial community under one roof, acting as a catalyst for new ideas, beginnings and connections in line with the Ruler’s pioneering vision for Dubai as a global hub of innovation and business excellence".

As a full-service co-working space, Nest places a focus on creating and fostering a community around entrepreneurs, freelancers and the creative classes working in key locations in Dubai, with a membership structure that offers access to a range of benefits. These include a series of inspirational programmes and events, founded around the Nest's core pillars of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and workplace Wellness, (known as ICEW). By allowing access to regional inspirational speakers, Nest is committed to catering to the needs of start-ups in a way that is both ideas-led and practical. Through its programming, Nest plans to make a contribution to the regional entrepreneurship scene.

Nest offers a range of membership packages starting from AED 99 (US$ 27) per month for the ‘Fly’ Day Pass.The first 25 members will be ‘founding members’ of Nest with a 25% membership discount.

Nest Co-working space is the vision of The First Group, who are working with Communitas: a family of companies dedicated to growing and supporting shared workspaces, community builders and real estate development. This company is founded by Mike LaRosa, a pioneer in co-working who has researched and studied all niches and aspects of the shared workspace industry, touring 500+ spaces in 22 countries and on five out of six continents.

Nest at Tryp by Wyndham Dubai is all set to launch at the end of September 2017.

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