Cambro regional sales manager Middle East Emre Aksoy. Cambro regional sales manager Middle East Emre Aksoy.

Foodservice equipment manufacturer and supplier Cambro has introduced its new American-made food transport cart, the Pro Cart Ultra, as well as an expanded range of German-made expanded polypropylene (EPP) food delivery boxes, at GulfHost 2017, disclosed the company's regional sales manager Middle East Emre Aksoy.

Aksoy added that Cambro's new range of EPP boxes was launched about a year ago and since then, the company has actually expanded the selection. 

"For food delivery, the new range of EPP boxes can maintain the temperature of the food inside for about four hours without additional need for electricity or any additional accessory," he said.

A highlight at this year's GulfHost is Cambro's introduction of the new Pro Cart Ultra, an electric food transport cart with the ability to store hot and cold food in the same cart at the same. Aksoy explained that dual compartments within the unit can keep food nicely chilled or safely hot, even when unplugged.

The polyurethane foam insulation throughout the unit enables the cart to maintain safe food temperatures for four hours while the polyethylene exterior is durable and rust-proof.  Adjustable tray holders inside the unit can accommodate various sizes of food pans, sheet pans, trays and even large pizza boxes.

"The ability of one unit to maintain temperatures for both hot and cold food at the same time minimises the cost of the unit and reduces the number of pieces of equipment which the operator going to use in their kitchen," Aksoy said, adding that the Pro Cart Ultra  "occupies less space in the kitchen, is very compact and is energy efficient as well." 

He enthused:"Its polyethylene exterior makes it more durable than stainless steel banqueting trolleys."

Aksoy declared that its combination of quality, durability and affordability should make the Pro Cart Ultra an ideal product choice for practical hotel operators.

"Nowadays because everything is becoming very expensive, hotel operators are looking for equipment that is durable, economic and energy efficient. Cambro is always focusing on these important points and this is why we launched the Pro Cart Ultra. It's compact, can store hot and cold food at the same time in the same unit, is durable and long-lasting and comes with very very acceptable prices," he concluded.

GulfHost 2017 took place from September 18 to 20, in  conjunction with Dubai International Hospitality Week, at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

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