Animo's new Combi-line coffee machine. Animo's new Combi-line coffee machine.

Coffee equipment and vending systems manufacturer, Animo, has introduced the new ComBi-line for professional filter coffee.

This new coffee machine is updated with a modern design, higher hot water-capacity (W-models) and led-lighted container interface. Other new features include the capacitive touch user interface to programme coffee settings and different onscreen options, such as showing the private company label or following the brewing process.

The ComBi-line is equipped with a fast-filter system and the containers are insulated so the coffee stays warm until it’s served. The largest machine has a capacity of up to 1.280 cups (160 litres) per hour. W-models have an extra hot water dispenser in the brewing unit with a high capacity hot water of up to 60 litres per hour.

The new machine features an energy mode and water dispensers and the double walled systems are strongly heat insulating. In addition, the stainless steel housing is both durable and recyclable.

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