Novotel Dubai Al Barsha executive chef Mihir Mandal. Novotel Dubai Al Barsha executive chef Mihir Mandal.

What did you like most about this product?

Versatility and variety. A single machine has the ability to produce so many different types of coffee based on the guests’ liking and preferences. It can produce up to 27 different types of beverages. More variety means we can offer more to satisfy more customers. In addition, there is an option for skimmed milk and semi-skimmed milk for calorie-conscious people, as well as one or two espresso shots, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

How could this product improve hotel operations?

This machine comes with a very special feature, a control panel where you can keep track of your sales data, as in, how many beverages and what kind of beverages you have sold in a day, which helps in tracking revenue. The product also comes with dedicated commercial and technical support from the Nestlé team.

How could this product impact guest satisfaction?

Nescafé Milano 2.0 has the ability to provide a ‘one stop solution’ at the touch of a button. The guest can immediately have their beverage from the machine as per their liking, taste and strength.

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