There is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that mobile technology is transforming lives every day, and new developments in this area are moving forward in leaps beyond all wild imagination. More and more businesses are extending their platforms to involve technology further. When computers shrunk from the huge desktop systems to laptops to slim notebooks to smaller tablets to even tinier smartphones, the convenience of technology kept increasing.

The airline travel and hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, is no stranger to the use of technology. Guests are increasingly moving towards using technology in most processes of their hospitality journey, where booking of tickets for travel, hotel rooms, restaurant reservations are all completed on their smartphones. Time is of extreme essence in the modern world — and any technology which merges convenience and saves time is a sure-shot winner. So what else makes these technologies popular as well as viable?

Even smartphone owners who use it for basic tasks are able to learn how to use apps, making them popular with each passing day. Plus, there is the convenience of merged and varied applications to be accounted for: be it banking, credit/debit card transactions, cashless economy transactions, hotel bookings, doctor appointments, medical history records, health care, insurance, electricity, telephone and other utility bill payments, communication, social media, Twitter, emails, and more. 

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There’s also the element of competition within the app space to consider. Every day, we see more and more applications going live in the app store, thereby ensuring a healthy competition between the app providers — which makes it more beneficial for the consumer. 

What makes it a consumer’s market is also that the applications are simple and easy to use. This is where the developers have succeeded in generating a lot of interest in their products. Most of it is related to the ‘do it yourself’ and ‘at your leisure’ approach. Just a few clicks and you are registered to use the application anytime you wish to.

Of course, speed is another factor resulting in the uptake of apps. Speed used to be a challenge in the early days of the internet, for example. But now, as more and more players enter the market, the improved offering has increased usage infrastructure immensely.

As the mobile smartphone platform offerings continue its growth trajectory, so are the expectations of the users. And the shape of things to come in the world of mobile technology look extremely exciting and much worth the wait.

About the Author: With more than 28 years of hospitality experience globally, Naim Maadad is the founding CEO of Gates Hospitality, which owns and operates hospitality concepts including Ultra Brasserie, The Black Lion Public House & Dining, Bistro des Arts, Reform Social & Grill, Publique and Folly by Nick & Scott. It has ownership of Six Senses Zighy Bay. Contact: