Bahrain to see growth in exhibitions and conferences sector. Bahrain to see growth in exhibitions and conferences sector.

A report from #W7Worldwide Communication Consultancy agency has predicted a significant growth in Bahrain's exhibitions and conferences sector in 2018.

The government’s interest in stimulating the exhibitions and conferences sector stems from a tourism strategy based on developments such as King Fahad Bridge, Bahrain International Airport and the Khalifa Bin Salman Port, the report adds.

Developmental elements for the Bahraini exhibitions and conferences sector include hotel development, developing marketing capabilities, developing facilities to accommodate the events and developing regulatory government procedure for future events.

According to the report, in the process of developing this sector over the next three years, the sector will activate business and tourism trips to attend the conferences, exhibitions and meetings.

Additionally, the development of marine facilities for private yachts from neighbouring countries during permanent events in Bahrain will accommodate tourism facilities like hotels and furnished apartments.

The report also stated that the exhibitions and conferences sector is an important economic industry as it drives domestic output while also creating a network of permanent and temporary jobs.

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