22nd Global Village welcomes 2.4 million visitors, sets new record. 22nd Global Village welcomes 2.4 million visitors, sets new record.

Global Village, Dubai's multicultural festival park, announced that it recorded attendance of more than 2.4 million visitors over the two-month period since its opening,  the highest recorded within this time period.

The numbers were recorded between November 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 and a report released by the festival showed an average 9 of 10 score on the happiness index, a report from Arabian Business said.

Global Village CEO Bader Anwahi said: "Our performance is in line with the vision of Dubai to attract more visitors and to focus on family entertainment as we host the largest entertainment shows and bring new international shows for the first time to the region.

"We have raised the bar with our weekly concerts with top Arab and international singers and talents to provide guests with experiences they can cherish with every visit."

During the New Year celebrations, Global Village witnessed a huge influx of guests, exceeding 100,000 per day, Anwahi added. Global Village also welcomed unprecedented number of guests on the 46th National Day celebrations, attracting more than 500,000 guests.

The festival park offers a choice of 23 restaurants and a coffee shop with nine kitchens from countries including Mexico, China, the Gulf and Cuba. Additionally, there are 120 kiosks across the destination that offer a variety of snacks, sweets and beverages. Guests can also visit 27 country pavilions and more than 3,500 outlets.

Global Village runs until April 7, 2018. On Mondays, it's dedicated to families and women only.

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