Akmal Anuar. Akmal Anuar.

What’s great about blue fin tuna?

The great thing about blue fin tuna is its versatility. There are almost 20 different cuts and flavours, each unique in its own way and because of the variation in fat content, can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Moreover, when you get fresh blue fin tuna from Japan, the fish is almost odourless, fattier and ages beautifully.

How readily available is blue fin tuna in the region?

Not available at all! We get our blue fin tuna directly from Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo through a Japanese source in Dubai. The fresh fish leaves Japan every Tuesday and arrives in our restaurant the next morning.

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What should you look for when buying this ingredient?

Definitely the fat content, and this varies between origins, season and the weight of the fish. Of course the bigger the fish, the fattier.

Any challenges with using it?

Not particularly if you have a skilled chef who has a good understanding of the different parts of the tuna and how to cut and portion it.

What’s the best way to use it?

Raw atop sushi rice (nigiri). Simple and easy with a touch of soy sauce.