The blend will be available for retail also. The blend will be available for retail also.

Rove Hotels has partnered with the speciality Arabica coffee roaster, Coffee Planet, to bring a new brand-new coffee to guests staying at each of the four Rove Hotels. 

The new blend will be served across all Rove hotel locations including the recently opened Rove Trade Centre and the upcoming Rove Dubai Marina.  Also available to buy as whole beans to grind at home, the blend is described as a full-bodied coffee with a taste of dark chocolate and butter, complemented with a caramel finish and a coffee blossom aroma.

This new speciality coffee blend has been created with beans sourced from UTZ-certified, sustainable farms in South America and Africa.

Rove Hotels corporate director of operations Paul Bridger said in a statement: "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Coffee Planet. We have spent the last few months working together to achieve a perfectly roasted blend. For lots of people great coffee is no longer a luxury but an essential requirement of their hotel choice. We are very proud of the quality of our products and are confident that this new and exciting partnership will add a new dimension to 'roving' with us."

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