Groupe GM is expanding its Lyon plant. Groupe GM is expanding its Lyon plant.

Hotel amenities supplier Groupe GM has made a multi-million euro investment into the expansion of its Groupe GM Cosmétiques France (GGMCF) plant in Lyon.
The factory produces high-quality amenity products for hotels in more than 70 countries and has been facing a considerable increase in orders since the last quarter of 2016. 
By summer 2018, the factory will grow from 4,000m² to 5,200m². To answer the growing demand for its amenity products, Groupe GM is planning to purchase nine new machines in 2018 growing the plant’s production capabilities to 31 machines in total, with the possibility of adding three to five more machines in the future.
The initiative has already grown staff from 50 to 85 workers. By summer the plant will reach 100 employees, representing a doubling in staff levels over the last year.

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Specific roles are to be created to assist with the plant’s transformation, as well as a dedicated recruit working on laboratory and the bulk production. In addition, new supply chain software has been deployed to streamline processes.

In terms of production, Groupe GM has witnessed significant growth in units produced. In 2015, the Lyon plant manufactured 40 million tubes and bottles. Today, units produced has increased to 65 million units and in 2019, GGMCF will be able to produce up to 85 million of tubes and bottles - more than twice the amount delivered in 2015. To re-enforce this growth, the factory has doubled its emulsion production capacity.