Liquid Hospitality Card. Liquid Hospitality Card.

Liquid Hospitality Card, part of Park Lane Group, is a membership programme that’s offering discounts at several locations to hospitality staff working in the UAE.

Hospitality employees working in alcohol distribution companies, bars, beach clubs, hotels, nightclubs are eligible to apply for the discount card. It costs AED75 (US $20) for a full year when purchased in May, which is otherwise priced at AED150 ($40) and the card is delivered free of charge,

Currently the membership offers discounts to more than 50 F&B venues such as Tresind, Sultan Basha, Wakame, The Hungry Monkey, etc. and also entertainment locations such a Dubai Parks and Resorts. The card also includes offers from tailors, salons and car rentals.

The cards are valid for a full year from the date of issue and to sign up, employees need to present a copy of the passport or the Emirates ID along with employment information. For more information on the card and the membership details, head to

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