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Media One Hotel in Dubai is participating in the Ramadan sharing fridge initiative again this year.

Media One’s CSR programme, Media One Cares, supports various charitable organisations and green initiatives, and the hotel has brought back our Ramadan sharing fridge which will be accessible to those in need in Dubai Media City and surrounding areas.

Executive chef Girish Babu and his culinary team will be stocking the fridge daily with items including fresh fruits and water and juices for labourers, workers, drivers, delivery people and anyone else in need of a meal after sunset.

"Media One Cares is a fundamental part of what we do as a team and we are proud to be a part of the Ramadan Sharing Fridge initiative again this year," said Media One director of marketing and communications Caroline Rowe.

"Our day-to-day operations have a heavy food and beverage focus, so we jumped at the chance to contribute and reinforce the sense of community spirit during the Holy Month. We invite all to help themselves freely from the fridge, and anyone who would like to contribute is more than welcome to do so," Rowe added.

Everyone is welcome to add their contributions to the fridge. Items such as laban, fresh fruits and vegetables, tinned food, biscuits, juices and soda are popular and encouraged. Hot foods, leftovers and anything that can spoil easily should not be placed in the fridge.

Ramadan fridges can be found on Google Maps or by visiting its Facebook page.

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