Having uniforms for your staff is nothing new, especially in the world of hospitality. And there is many a good reason why restaurants, pubs, hotels and shops are still enforcing uniforms in the workplace.

Whilst it may appear that customers will be focused on service, comfort and the quality of the food or drink they’re receiving, keeping up appearances is still incredibly important. In fact, according to a study commissioned by workwear supplier Simon Jersey, 79% of people believe that how you dress at work affects people’s perceptions.

When customers walk into a restaurant, hotel or bar, the first thing they’ll be looking for is a member of staff to assist them. That’s why it’s important that your staff is easily identifiable, and the easiest way to do this is through uniforms that stand out and are impressive.

Similarly, if a customer is trying to be served or quickly grab a member of staff with a request, they’re much more likely to be able to do this if they can easily spot someone who works there.

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With a consistent, recognisable uniform, the service you deliver could be faster, which means your customers will be happier.

Having workers wear uniforms can also make them more conscious of their actions while they’re serving customers, as they’re clearly tied to the brand, and therefore provide a better level of customer service. Adding finishing touches such as name tags to a uniform can also give both your customers and staff a more personalised experience.

The health and safety benefits of uniforms will come as nothing new to most business owners who understand the need to protect staff in the workplace and maintain levels of hygiene.

In a kitchen environment, uniforms can protect workers from heat, chemicals and equipment. Non-slip safety shoes are also important and items such as aprons, gloves and hats can help to avoid injury and accidents. This also helps with the hygiene factor, especially when the preparation and serving of food is involved.

Other considerations for health, safety and hygiene include asking staff to tie their hair back, wear only minimal jewellery, and limit their wear of nail varnish and make-up. This can also help to promote a smarter, cleaner, and more professional image in the workplace.

So now you know the benefits of enforcing uniforms in the workplace, it could be time to implement this for your business or have a think about revamping your existing uniforms!

Remember, staff uniforms are representative of your business values and image so make that first impression count!

For anyone who sees people as part of the job or wants to influence the behavior of others, the way we dress does matter. So let us not kid ourselves. First, people judge us, atleast in part, by how we dress. Second, what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves. Simple!

About the Author: With more than 28 years of hospitality experience globally, Naim Maadad is the founding CEO of Gates Hospitality, which owns and operates hospitality concepts including Ultra Brasserie, The Black Lion Public House & Dining, Bistro des Arts, Reform Social & Grill, Publique, and Folly by Nick & Scott. It also has ownership of Six Senses Zighy Bay. Email: Naim@gateshospitality.com