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With new hotel signings, Emaar launches business development operations in China

Hotelier Middle East Staff, December 11th, 2018

Emaar has started business development operations in China, following the news of the company’s expansion to the country.

Emaar is expanding the Address Hotels + Resorts brand to China, and this complements the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ announced by President Xi Jinping. Chinese visitors can enjoy visa-on-arrival, with Emirates operating to the key cities in China.

Emaar has a team of dedicated business development professionals in the country, recruited from China, and has started the design and fit-out of two premium offices in CBD of Beijing and Shanghai.

In addition to promoting the UAE and Dubai as a high-growth investment destination, the two Emaar showrooms will showcase the flagship and ongoing premium lifestyle, shopping and hospitality developments in Dubai, like The Dubai Mall and Address Hotels as well as touristic destinations such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

The international educational opportunities such as New York University and Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi as well as the healthcare amenities that are available close to Emaar’s communities are highlighted at the showrooms.

Emaar aims to work with the UAE embassy in China to promote the nation’s appeal to Chinese investors, with guidance from HE Ali Obaid Al Daheri, UAE Ambassador to China, who has been actively promoting UAE-China ties, by fostering trade relations and tourism, as well as highlighting the UAE’s appeal as an investment hub.