Sitora Skudutis Sitora Skudutis

The W Insider is an important team member of W Hotels globally; not only does this person help guests with bookings or recommendations as a concierge would, but it's their connections within and knowledge of the area in which they operate that makes them stand out.

W Dubai - The Palm was on the lookout for its Insider since 2017, and in 2018 appointed Sitora Skudutis to the role.

Hotelier Middle East chats with Skudutis and finds out more about her job, why she's the perfect fit for the role, and gets her advice for other Insider hopefuls.

Explain to our readers what a W Insider is? 
The W Insider is a W brand differentiator. It’s all about making the impossible possible, personalising experiences and getting it done 'Whatever/Whenever'. The W Insider connects ideas, events, people and guests by being always in-the-know and knowing the right people, and elevating the brand and the guest experience. I act as an overall ambassador of the property and destination, and also work closely with all the talent at the property to keep them up-to-date on what is new and next in Dubai.

Why were you interested in applying for this job?
If you had asked me a year ago what my future plans were, they probably wouldn’t have included a return to the world of hospitality. But I knew the Insider role was meant for me the moment I heard about it. After a bit of research into both what the W Insider was and a deep dive into the W brand, I was completely sold and knew that I would do anything to get a chance to be the W Insider for W Dubai - The Palm.

Why do you think you suit the role?
My passion for music, fashion, fuel and design (the passion points for the W brand) completely match the W Brand passion points. Part of my experience in Dubai has involved producing concerts and festivals with some of the world’s biggest DJs. I also DJ, have my own fashion label where I design and market my own line of clothing... and the fuel element? I do like a touch of yoga.

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What is a regular day for you at work like?
In the morning, I clear my to-do list. Then check on any VIP arrivals and research their preferences so we can prepare 'wow' moments for them during their stay. I also have meetings with the team to discuss all the super exciting plans for the hotel before I start my rounds around the property. This is what I really love - interacting with our guests. It gives me a chance to provide them with insider tips about the destination. I enjoy staying on into the evening for one of the hotel's amazing concept nights, mixing and mingling, and making sure all are having a fantastic time. My day is never boring, I’ll tell you that.

If you had to host anyone, from present or historical figures, who would it be and why?
Marilyn Monroe - she would have some fascinating stories to tell.

Can you share what kind of experiences or tours you'd share with W guests?
It always depends on the type of guest I am interacting with, but as a starter, I would recommend a visit to d3 for the fashion lovers. For music lovers, it would be checking out one of the awesome live venues that Dubai has to offer. DIFC is a one stop destination for everyone who is into design and art, and if you are the sporty type I would definitely recommend a day trip to Hatta for some adventurous activities. I would point people to what’s new/next in our city, the hottest happenings and the best kept secrets.

Any advice for aspiring W Insiders?
If there is one thing that I truly believe can help you with securing a role like this, it is not to confine yourself to one sector or industry. I’ve dipped my feet into the world of hospitality, fashion, music, nightlife, events, radio and marketing, which have all helped me greatly in this somewhat unusual but fabulous role.