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Millennium launches internship programme for UAE nationals

Hotelier Middle East Staff, January 29th, 2019

Millennium Hotels & Resorts has launched the ‘TooMooH’ Internship Development tier as part of the ‘TooMooH’ programme, which is aimed at accelerating Emiratisation and promoting regional talent and leadership development in the hospitality sector.

The TooMooH Internship Development Programme (TIDP) is aimed at increasing local employment in the hospitality industry and the overall private sector, and is designed for UAE national undergraduate students. The duration of the TIDP internship could range from three to six months.

As part of the initiative, Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA will partner with local colleges and universities. Under the TIDP, all trainees will receive hands-on training in different aspects of the hospitality business so that they can join the industry, build a career, and take up leadership roles upon completion of their formal education.

‘TooMooH’ which translates to ‘ambition’will provide students with training at three levels – internship, management trainee and school trainees.