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JA Resorts & Hotels to replace 1.7m plastic bottles per year with glass

Hotelier Middle East Staff, February 18th, 2019

JA Resorts & Hotels has pledged to replace all plastic water bottles in the rooms and suites of its properties with environmentally-friendly and reusable glass bottles instead.

Over the course of one year in Dubai, JA Resorts & Hotels tracked the disposal of plastic water bottles, which amounted to 1.7 million pieces of various sizes. Top of the list were the widely used 500ml plastic bottles, totaling 1.4 million pieces.

The operator has pledged to install new water treatment systems, along with cleaning and bottling systems which will instantly make a huge reduction to the carbon footprint and environmental damage in terms of plastic. An investment of more than AED 1 million (US$272,294) will be made to install systems in JA The Resort, JA Ocean View Hotel and JA Hatta Fort Hotel.

One litre glass bottles will be placed in all rooms across these three hotels and in the luxury serviced apartments of JA Oasis Beach Tower.

The operator's Dubai hotels will also install 40 back-of-house digital water dispensers, serving fresh filtered water to customers free of charge, as well as all the JA associates.

JA Resorts & Hotels is working with an experienced partner who analyses water quality and uses state-of-the-art technology to implement microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, chemical free disinfection and activated carbon depending on the specific water requirements across zones.

Other social responsibility initiatives are planned for 2019, where JA Resorts & Hotels will tackle other issues such as food wastage and pollution while engaging guests and visitors on the topics, raising awareness and being an advocate for change.