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Supplier Profile: Sky Software

Hotelier Middle East Staff, February 25th, 2019

Sky Software general manager Ammar Shunnar lists the benefits of the variety of software solutions offered by the company to the hospitality industry

Could you tell us about your company?

Sky Software was founded in 1997. It was built with a mission to deliver specialised high-quality business software solutions for the hospitality sector in the Middle East and international markets. Since that time, Sky Software has been known as a leader and major provider of innovative total software solutions covering vital areas of the modern hospitality industry.

What are your key products for 2019?

In 2019, Sky Software will continue focusing on its cloud (SaaS) offerings for both Bayan Human Resources Management and Jana Materials Management systems. Providing its customers with higher ROI over a secure and reliable infrastructure that offloads the IT and systems administration teams at the hotel from managing the application and database servers, backups, firewalls and SSL certificates while saving on hardware and licensing fees. Our cloud offering maintains high availability solutions, streamlined updates and automated backups.

Sky Software will also launch Horizon Quality & Guest Services Management web-based multi property platform ready for both on premise and cloud deployments in 2019 while including and extending all the current features of Horizon QMS desktop edition in addition to a dynamic structure of administrative units, centralised multi-property management, advanced user roles and escalation management and enhanced report writer capabilities with MySQL Database support (in addition to MS SQL Server). The new release will focus more on guest engagement and feedback management while allowing the hotel management of taking the proper and instant actions through highlighting critical quality performance indicators.

Moreover, the new web-based Horizon Fixed Assets Management system will be officially launched in 2019 for both on premise and cloud deployments, including and extending all the current rich features of Horizon Fixed Assets Management desktop edition.

Finally, Sky Software will be launching its mobile applications extending all its major solutions. 2019 will see the release of the mobile applications for Bayan Human Resources, JANA Materials Management, Horizon Quality management system and Horizon Fixed Assets systems.

Why is this product important for the hospitality industry, and why should they buy this product from you?

Sky Software is known to offer the right mixture of advanced and professional teams in software development, project management, technical support, quality control and consultancy that will guarantee the best results in any project. This is backed up by more than 20 years of accumulated experience in its personnel that ensures our deep understanding of the customer needs and objectives. This leads to a superb ability to provide each customer with the best solution that fits right to its case. 

The advanced features, reports and interfaces in each of Bayan Human Resources Management, Jana Materials Management and Horizon QMS play a vital role in helping the hospitality sector covering all their needs and transactions effectively, professionally and automatically. 

In Bayan HRMS, This includes all employee related transactions and processes starting from employee recruitment and hiring process, passing by employee profiles, attendance, vacations, training and ending with payroll calculations processes, which can now be easily handled with Bayan HRMS.

Jana Materials Management has also proved a vital role in facilitating and automating the hotels' purchasing, requisition, cost control and inventory related transactions in one online paperless optimal system.

As for the Horizon Quality & Guest Services system, it focuses on the guest engagement and request management while allowing the management and decision makers to take the proper and instant action through the advanced mobile dashboard application. Leading to higher guest satisfaction.

Which hotels do you work with in the Middle East?

Sky Software succeeded in capturing the attention of a number of international hotel corporations, who have consistently listed Sky Software products and services as part of their preferred solutions throughout their hotel groups. Some examples are IHG, Rotana, Four Seasons Hotels MEA, Millennium, Time and Roda.

Share a fun fact about your company or product?

New employees and customers usually get confused with Bayan HRMS' name, since Bayan is an Arabic name so at first they think that it is a name of an employee not a system!

How can we contact you?

Ammar Shunnar 
Tel No.: +9714 277 8403
Email address: