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Five ways hoteliers can use entertainment to drive revenues in hotels

Priyanka Praveen, March 12th, 2019

Here are five ways to use entertainment to drive revenues in hotels according to Richard Bron, chairman of Concorde Media who spoke at the HTNG Conference on Tuesday. 


1) First run movies: By providing first run movies in hotel rooms, customers can watch movies on the same day that they are realeased across the world. That way, a customer can have access to new entertainment without having to leave the comfort of their room.

2) Media streaming services: In an age where almost every person has access to media steaming service providers, it is in the best interest of hotels to provide their customers with the same. Access to personalised in-room streaming with Netflix, amazon prime and other media streaming services providers will go a long way. 

3) Virtual content lockers: These lockers are digital media storage services. By creating these, customers can access movies, games and other services during their hotel stay. The content in these lockers can be customised to suit the clients needs.

4) Getting new content on hotel’s IPTV systems will make sure that guests are entertained. Also making sure that guests have access to free-to-air content on IPTV’s will work well. 

5)  Making sure that guests are provided with live and tailored news in their language of origins to suit their needs.