Blockchain wallet for Caesars Bluewaters Dubai's team members

Caesars Bluewaters Dubai is getting in on the blockchain action by rolling out a blockchain-based payment solution which will allow its staff to pay for their allowances using a digital wallet.

Lucid Pay, from Liquid-D, is the supplier that has equipped staff with a digital payment solution that allows them to use their allowances at the hotel's F&B and entertainment outlets.

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The smart platform is integrated to streamline the staff allowances and discounts within the resort in an efficient, secure and effortless manner. The platform uses smart wallets and smart contracts which allows the hotel to pre-define terms and conditions to each employee's wallet, enabling frictionless transactions at outlets. Lucid Pay infrastructure integrates seamlessly into hotels' POS and PMS systems including Oracle Simphony, and Opera. Lucid Pay Wallet supports iOS and Android.

While it’s not the first hotel in Dubai to use blockchain – Atlantis the Palm uses the tech for guest payments, it seems to be the first to use the tech for its colleagues.