A new professional cooker has been launched in the Middle East by Rational, to minimise the time, energy, water, space and raw materials chefs put into cooking.

It will save 30% production time and uses 70% less energy than conventional combi-steamers, according to the company.

The SelfCookingCentre whitefficiency (SCC) can be filled with a mixed load of food – protein, vegetables, carbohydrates – and cook, grill, steam or pan fry them all at the same time. Individual cooking preferences can also be created and saved.

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It uses sensors to detect the size of the food and the load, and recalculates cooking time automatically if heat is lost through opening the door. It also has a self-cleaning and descaling program built in.

“The SCC easier to use than other models and has new features like the HiDensityControl, which guarantees even and intensive distribution of heat,” said Radek Liska, chief representative of Rational.

“This product has been in development for a couple of years and we’ve has a team of 80 scientists working on it. The reaction in Europe has been good, and we expect the same in the UAE – there’s lots of potential in the market here.

“We are number one in hot food preparation in the world, but we would like to be number one in the UAE. At the moment our market share is 40% but we want to increase this up to 60%.”

The SCC is aimed at professional kitchens producing more than 30 meals a day and Rational is targeting hotels, restaurants, catering companies, hospitals and schools.

The cooker comes in six different models, the largest of which cooking up to 400 chicken legs in 45 minutes and up to 80kg broccoli in 15 minutes.