Societe Jumeirah's VIP area. Societe Jumeirah's VIP area.

Societe Dubai is launching a second club at the Capitol Hotel in Jumeirah by the end of 2014 after completing one year with its first branch at Byblos Hotel in Dubai Marina.

The new 300 square metre venue, which will be known as Societe Jumeirah, is currently undergoing renovations, which is expected to take six weeks.

Owner Gary Holliday said: "We are very excited to be launching Societe Jumeirah. The past year has been outstanding for Societe, with a number of fantastic acts and the success of our ‘Best Job in the UAE’ initiative."

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He added: "The decision to open a second venue allows us to share the Societe experience with more people in the Downtown, DIFC, Jumeirah parts of Dubai and Societe Jumeirah will open seven nights a week for all those people who can’t currently get enough Societe Dubai Marina."

The addition of Societe Jumeirah means that Societe’s current Byblos hotel location will be rebranded as Societe Dubai Marina.