Housekeepers netowrking at the Hotelier Middle East Executive Housekeeper Forum. Housekeepers netowrking at the Hotelier Middle East Executive Housekeeper Forum.

Housekeepers from around the Middle East gathered together to discuss some of the issues they face at the sixth annual Hotelier Middle East Executive Housekeeper Forum 2018. One of the spontaneous talking points that emerged from one of the panels led to a conference wide exchange of guest horror stories. 

One of the housekeepers divulged that they have a WhatsApp group called ‘theft busters’ to keep a track of and alert management when objects from guest rooms go missing. 

Another executive housekeeper recounted a guest story where the guest would keep finding fault with the room and she had to takeover from her team and oversee the cleaning process herself. Despite that, the guest kept complaining to management about the room. The same guest also filed complaints at the restaurants at the hotel over the service. Finally, she had to take a video of the room before and after cleaning. The video later came in handy in her favour when the complaint reached the hotel chain's head office. 

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A director of housekeeping also divulged details where one guest had to be blacklisted by the tourism board after a dispute over big property damage — she says it was necessary because of the large cost impact it had in terms of repairs. 

However, some for housekeepers, theft is still a primary concern.

Housekeepers in Dubai have found creative ways to ensure that their essential products do not end up in their guests’ stowaway luggage. Some housekeepers have even thought about implementing some anti-theft devices on their linens, bathrobes, and even their televisions, however have had to rule it out as the cost is too high.

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