According to the results of a survey sent by Hotelier to hotel general managers across the Middle East and North Africa region more than 60% of respondents indicated that additional room sales will be the biggest revenue drivers for hotels in 2019.

At 85%, one of the biggest hurdles that general managers need to get past in 2019 in order to increase revenues is local competition. Just a few days ago Hotelier reported that there would be an additional 58,000 keys for the GCC market in the coming year.

In terms of having the right tools to reach this year’s revenue targets, 53% of respondents agreed that that they would require access to new regional international markets.

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The second biggest hurdle to jump, at 46%, for general managers was having an effective marketing strategy in place, this was followed by 31% of respondents agreeing that having the right staff in place was also an important factor in terms of growing revenues in the coming year.

The complete results for the survey, which will continue for a further month, can be read in the coming January issue of Hotelier Middle East.