Napkins and tableware by Duni. Napkins and tableware by Duni.

Do you see commercial potential in the mid-market hospitality sector?

Yes, we see a lot of potential as many mid-market properties are opening, or are in the development stages. Here at Duni we view this particular sector as being of important commercial value to our brand.

What sets your brand apart from the competition?

Quality, choice and convenience are only few of the many reasons why professionals choose Duni. Duni single-use napkins and tableware products are of the highest quality and equal the touch and feel of real linen, just without the many drawbacks of linen such as laundry, food stains or loss of napkins. Professionals using Duni napkins and tableware can choose among many designs and colours for every occasion or theme. Duni products are easy to handle, including innovative concepts such as the pre-folded Duniletto napkin pouch that is the perfect product for professionals looking for convenient yet elegant products.

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Why do hoteliers choose your brand over others available in the market?

Professionals using our products chose Duni for its high quality, flexibility and convenience in handling. Hoteliers using Duni products can rely on consistent quality and delivery, over the years we’ve discovered what the customer wants, and we deliver on their needs.

Do you view the mid-market hospitality sector as an area for future expansion?

We do see an increase of properties in the mid-market sector and the growth is also reflected in the increasing number of mid-market properties choosing Duni as their preferred table top supplier. This region is especially interesting given the anticipated tourism growth in the run up to 2020.

Have you encountered any obstacles developing the brand in this region?

No, we have not encountered any obstacles at all in this region; on the contrary, we receive many enquiries from hoteliers about our products. Duni has a strong presence and distribution in the Middle East which has been developed over the years and contributes to our reputation here. Hoteliers who use Duni provide us with very positive feedback, and we always take care to continue this good standing in the market.

Supplier: Duni

Profile: Duni supplies innovative table top concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions to both professionals and consumers. Everything Duni creates is designed to bring ‘goodfoodmood’ to occasions where people enjoy eating and drinking. Duni products are found in over 40 markets and it has approximately 2,100 employees in 18 countries. The Duni Group is made up of four commercial sectors.