Mühldorfer CEO Elisabeth Hintermann at The Hotel Show Dubai 2016 Mühldorfer CEO Elisabeth Hintermann at The Hotel Show Dubai 2016

German bedding specialists Mühldorfer have debuted a new, all-natural and organic bedding range for the first time in the Middle East, at The Hotel Show Dubai 2016, which takes places this week until September 19.

The new Mühldorfer Bio line, which was first launched in Europe four years ago, has been adopted by German hotel group Steigenberger, which now exclusively uses Mühldorfer's organic bedding range, Mühldorfer CEO Elisabeth Hintermann told Hotelier at The Hotel Show.

“We only have one world, so we have to take care of it, in our product and in our production,” Hintermann said.

The new organic line, she added, “is the same quality and the same price as the non-organic line.”

Due to the all-natural production process of the new Bio range, Hintermann told Hotelier that the bedding is not bleached, in order to avoid the use of chemicals, and consequently the bedding retains the natural colouring of the cotton.

The organic process, Hintermann explained, involves using sugar and potato in the weaving process in order to strengthen the cotton.

The cotton shell is also separated my machine, rather than by chemical process. The shell is then also discarded in an environmentally friendly manner.

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