Hospitality brand Hilton has revealed that it has replaced 2.4 million plastic food and beverage products and 5 million plastic bags with biodegradable alternatives.


Last year, the company announced its plans to eliminate 650 managed properties by the end of 2018 and the company has achieved that. According to the property, approximately 3.5 million plastic straws and over 2 million plastic water bottles will be removed each year from Hilton’s 25 hotels in the country.

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William Costley, VP of Operations for the Arabian Peninsula and Turkey at Hilton said, “Last May, we made a promise to eliminate plastic straws as well as plastic bottled water from meetings and events, from all of our UAE hotels, and we are proud to have accomplished this goal. We will continue to work with suppliers to ensure that wherever possible, single use plastic items are replaced with biodegradable and/or paper alternatives.”

Last year, UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment revealed that UAE consumers 13 billion bags of plastic and approximately 450 billion plastic bottles a year, with eight million tonnes of plastic making their way into the oceans every year.

“These figures highlight why it is incumbent on all organizations to make sustainability a strategic priority,” added Costley.

Beyond the UAE, Hilton is taking steps to completely remove plastic water bottles from meetings and events in managed hotels across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It has also committed to removing plastic straws, stir sticks and cocktail picks from all 5,600+ hotels globally this year.