A. Ronai managing director Gavin Dodd. A. Ronai managing director Gavin Dodd.

A. Ronai is set to keep pace with market trends, with the Uniforms by Ronai catalogue showcasing updates and improvements on existing designs and fabrics.

In light of growing demand in the Middle East budget and mid-market hospitality sector, A. Ronai is "delighted with the emergence of more reasonably priced packages for visitors to the region" and has, in response, developed "a variety of products suitable for all budgets".

The supplier is set to support the first Hotelier Express Summit, and A. Ronai managing director Gavin Dodd said: “As a loyal ambassador to Hotelier events, Ronai is extremely happy to participate in the Hotelier Express Summit in its inaugural year. We very much believe in supporting the great industry that we are a part of, and events as professional as this are a great way of achieving our aim.”

He added: “With the expected increase in properties as well as the number of visitors to the UAE in the coming years, it’s important for all related companies to stay ahead of the game, building and retaining crucial relationships with hospitality industry professionals.”

Commenting on the main challenges facing UAE hoteliers right now, Dodd added: “With such a huge variety of hotels, restaurants, bars and late night venues across the UAE increased competition is sure to be a challenge for the owners / operators. Ensuring that you have the right combination in terms of atmosphere, location and well trained staff will be a test for all those involved but one where they are currently succeeding.”

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Dodds noted that the UAE is currently "perceived as a five-star destination" but added that with the rise in tourist attractions and theme parks "we would expect an increase in visitors on a range of budgets".

“With the continued development across the UAE and beyond, we anticipate growth in the hospitality market as we close in on the Expo 2020. With new theme parks and attractions encouraging more and more visitors to the region, it is our intention to expand our range to accommodate these requirements, as well as looking towards new projects across the Middle East," he concluded.

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