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FlyZoo Hotel, built by Alibaba’s online travel platform — Fliggy — uses technology across the property. Here, water and fresh pillows are “even delivered to the room by an Alibaba-made robot”.


Located in Hangzhou, China, the 290-room hotel’s technology frees hotel staff from routine tasks, letting them focus on delivering a better experience for guests.

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In addition to that, each room comes equipped with a Tmall Genie smart assistant which helps the guest adjust the temperature, lights, curtains and the TV and answers simple questions.

The hotel claims that the smart assistant can also handle requests. If guests require water for the room or new pillows, the smart assistant handles the requests and an Alibaba-made robot delivers them to the room.”

The hotel has eliminated key, keycards as AI uses facial recognition to help guests access rooms or even enter elevators. While Chinese travellers can check in through the hotel’s app directly, international tourists will have to check-in at a kiosk.