Al Bustan Centre & Residence, Dubai, in association with the Nexus Group recently organised a financial literacy seminar, aimed at raising awareness among employees about the best methodologies for future planning.

Facilitated by Jay Tolentino, an authorised consultant from Nexus Group, the seminar focused on how to leverage and manage available financial resources, budgeting one’s lifestyle and to plan better for retirement. Fundamental steps of financial planning such as improving cash flow, getting out of debt, setting up emergency fund, getting protected from life’s risks,  insuring and investing for the future were discussed at length during the seminar.

Commenting on the seminar, Al Bustan Centre and Residence chief operating officer Moussa El Hayek said: “Studies have shown that when a person’s finances suffer, so does their health and well-being. When people are worried about money, it’s often difficult for them to focus at work. It is important for individuals to take control of their financial future and for this it is imperative to educate them on how to manage their finances properly.  We are glad to have this opportunity to conduct a financial literacy seminar for our employees and to equip them with the necessary knowledge to make an informed choice.”

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