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Taqado's social media strategy

One of the laudable examples of great social engagement in the region can be seen through Taqado. The brand’s social media handles responds to its consumers in personal ways, going beyond corporate-speak.

Taqado COO Christian Jansson says: “Social media is an essential part of how we run our business. It enables us to speak directly to our customers every day and collate both positive and negative feedback for overall improvement of the business.” He says each network is treated as an extension of the restaurants.

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Such is the power of the brand’s following, Jansson says the team frequently runs social media only promotions to highlight new initiatives, and entice customers to visit the newest locations.

Summing up, Jansson adds: “We don’t take ourselves too seriously at Taqado, we like to have fun, and we feel like our social media team hit the nail on the head when it comes to this.”